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Save the date! HackMizzou is October 3-5


What is HackMizzou?

HackMizzou is a weekend college hackathon, hosted every year at the University of Missouri. A hackathon is an event where developers and designers collaborate in teams to build mobile apps and websites.

Who can attend?

Students of any level, graduate students and below.

What types of hacks can teams make?

Anything you can come up with! If you hack it, we will judge it. Legality and safety are your only bounds.

What should I bring?

Your laptop, charger, and a power splitter if you have one. Also, bring a student ID for checking in. Hackers planning to stay on site overnight should bring toiletries and sleeping bags.

What are the team sizes?

Teams are made up of 2 to 5 students. It is not necessary to have a team formed before HackMizzou. We can help you find a team!

Will food be provided?

Absolutely! We will be providing two breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners, plus snacks and drinks for the whole event.

What skills do I need to attend?

Minimal development or design knowledge is recommended. Everyone is welcome regardless of skills.

Can I start working on my hack before the official hackathon starts?

No. All teams must start working on their projects after the introduction presentation.

Why do you ask for my resume upon registration?

We give your resumes to the companies sponsoring HackMizzou who are looking to hire awesome students like you!